The Best Back to School Gifts for College Students

The Best Back to School Gifts for College Students

Fall is a wonderful time to celebrate the changing of the seasons and getting back to work. It's also a time when parents and family members bid a fond farewell to outbound college students.

Getting oriented to life as a college student means coming to terms with a few things. College students are transient, and moving in and out will become a way of life. But what do college kids need most these days? They already have laptops and devices galore, and most of the basics are now provided by the school.

The best back to school gift for college students: What they actually need

We've thought up a few gifts that will help college kids live their best university lives. Let's dive in!

Bluetooth 5.0 headphones are the top gift for college students




College kids may have plenty of devices, but they also have a limited amount of space. Small dorms, crowded libraries, and packed gyms means personal time is nonexistent. So how are college kids supposed to enjoy music, movies, and remote lectures without driving each other crazy?

Enter the world of wireless headphones. We all know they exist, and may own a pair or two. But Bluetooth headphones and earbuds have come a long way in the last year. Products with new Bluetooth 5.0 chipsets offer super long battery life and a cleaner, stronger signal between device and ear phones. That adds up to more time focusing on the task at hand and less time fiddling with other things.

You'll also want to find college students multi-purpose gifts that work equally well in the library and the gym. That's where ContextAudio comes in. Their latest true wireless Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds combine style with function. The earbuds can be worn as is, or attached to included ear clips for high intensity movements. For a triple threat, they are fully waterproof, meaning college students can use them in the shower. That's going the extra mile!

Stainless steel drinking straws bring style and sustainability

Higher learning is all about book studies and moral development - at least that's what we tell ourselves happens in college. Help that special college student in your life practice what they preach with sustainable stainless steel drinking straws. Americans use and discard 500 million drinking straws each and every day. That's a tremendous amount of waste, and if those straws are not recyclable it adds to a growing trash problem in our land and oceans.

Our Shaken, Not Stirred stainless steel drinking straws come in a set of four. Not only are they manufactured using sustainable materials, but they come in a number of cool colors sure to help college kids feel good about maintaining form and function. Couple that with a cleaning brush that can be quickly used on the go, and we've got a winning product. Our straws come in two sizes for regular cups and larger portable bottles.

A tech-approved backpack that hauls devices and college essentials

Forget those old canvas bags crammed with textbooks. Modern college students keep a sleeker profile thanks to a plethora of devices and digital books that replace those old bricks people used to haul around. In fact, having the right backpack for the job means keeping laptops and tablets secure while leaving room for an entire day's worth of school supplies.

Enter the Minima backpack. It's sleek design says cool without trying too hard, and comfortable padded straps keep college students feeling good even during long hauls. The Minima backpack has enough storage space for 15 inch laptops, tablets, and textbooks galore. Included compartments keep extra gadgets and accessories safe while added padding shields the laptop area from harm. To top it all off, the entire outer shell is made from water-resistant fibers.

Gifts for college students don't have to be elaborate. Often times the gifts that college kids can use every day are the most cherished. After all, shouldn't a gift make a person's life better? That's evolved living.

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