The Best Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

The Best Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

It's a classic situation - you find yourself buying a gift for the man that has just about everything you can imagine. A regular old tie just won't cut it, and you're out of ideas that fit your budget. While it's probably true that he won't hold it against you, there's a special opportunity to find that perfect nexus of value and utility that will leave a lasting impression.

Bluetooth 5 Earbuds from ContextAudio

There's no doubt he knows all about Bluetooth technology. He may even have some great Bluetooth accessories. But the man who has everything probably doesn't have the latest in Bluetooth tech.

Bluetooth 5 is fairly new, but still making waves in the tech world. ContextAudio has released their Bluetooth 5 earbuds to rave reviews, and we happen to have the best price on what have been named the best wireless earbuds for making calls. That's going to come in handy when he's doing business on the go.

Combine that fact with the portable charging case and on ear touch controls and you've got a recipe for a memorable gift. Just think - he'll be thinking about you every time he listens to music, podcasts, or conducts a call on the road.

Water Resistant Tech Backpack from Minima

Remote work may be the new way we all cash in. It's about moving where you want, when you want, and taking the essentials with you. For the modern man on the move, it's a laptop, accessories, and a change of clothes for the gym or evening activities. But it's also a more casual look throughout the day.

The man who has everything may never put on a suit, but he's all about getting things done, rain or shine. He'll appreciate the Minima water resistant backpack for it's stylish, modern look as well as it's durability under stressful travel conditions.

With more than enough space to store everything he needs and organizing pockets to make sure it all stays put, the Minima will be a best in class gift. Buy it now on sale exclusively on our website.

TruBeats 2 Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The best gifts for men who have everything help him get things done on the move. But you can't leave out a little rest and relaxation! A nomadic lifestyle requires some creature comforts that can travel, and the TruBeats 2 wireless waterproof speaker is exactly what the doctor ordered.

With loud, thumping bass and crystal clear treble, the TruBeats 2 will help him unwind in any environment. Features include a waterproof coating that resists rain and spills, as well as an ultra-bright LED flashlight for outdoor adventuring.

The TruBeats 2 comes in four colors to match his personality and is now offered exclusively in our store. Enjoy!

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