Airfome Memory Foam Replacement Premium Ear Tips for Apple AirPods Pro Wireless Earbuds

by Airfome
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NOTE: These ear tips are custom-designed for Apple AirPod Pro, and will not fit other wireless earbuds. View non-Apple memory foam ear tips here.

Airfome premium memory foam ear tips are designed for full compatibility with Apple AirPods Pro wireless earbuds. Enjoy the feeling of complete sound isolation and comfort over long and short listening sessions alike.

  • Guaranteed comfort. Airfome's ultra-soft composite material uses the heat of your ear to conform perfectly every time you put them on. 
  • Incredible performance. A perfect seal with your ear canal means total sound isolation, vastly improved bass and high tones, and louder volume instantly.
  • Sized to fit. Three memory foam ear tip sizes included, ensuring you find the right fit no matter your ear size.
  • Simple installation. Securely attaches to the Apple AirPods Pro using simple, one click locking technology that won't fall out when removing earbuds.

Specifically designed for compatibility with Apple AirPods Pro. Airfome memory foam ear tips are not compatible with other devices.

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