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Need a charge? These tiny dynamos deliver unrivaled sound and portability, all contained in a case that automatically charges your earbuds every time you dock them. Plug your smartphone into the included dock for a quick charge too, up to 7 times on a single outing! When we tried the for the first time, we knew they had to end up in our store. Order soon, as our initial supply is limited.


  • True wireless earbuds that deliver crystal clear sound in a tiny form factor.
  • Dual function portable charging box charges Expanse earbuds up to 7 times and can be used as a power bank for all of your mobile devices.
  • Waterproof nanocoating prevents water and sweat from harming components - Listen to music and talk while working out, on the go, and even in the shower!

What's in the box:

  • Expanse Bluetooth earbuds
  • Portable power bank and charging cable
  • User manual

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